Marketing Plan


  • Original Photography
  • Professional photo shoot – high end and high rez photos 
  • Prep Home for Sale
  • Assist with staging suggestions, editing, arrangement of existing furniture
  • Property Home Book 
  • Collaborate with owners to develop a comprehensive features document and home amenities sheet that includes unique details of the home, improvements, features & benefits – future gift for new buyer
  • Custom Property Branding
  • Develop unique branding - including a name, logo and professional copy


  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan 30, 60 and 90 Days
  • A comprehensive and well-orchestrated marketing launch targeted to all advertising mediums and brokers locally and globally
  • First 30 days are critical to launch well positioned and strong in all mediums. 
  • A review of all online traffic, broker comments and showings will occur after the first 30 days to confirm if additional promotions are needed or a price reduction is to be considered 


  • Broker’s Open House
  • Host one broker open house for ALL brokers to tour
  • Public Open House
  • Host an open house for the public the first weekend on the market
  •  Just prior to public open – extend a neighborhood tour of your home as a gracious offer and support of your listing 


  • Develop a custom property web site domain to uniquely position your home
  • Differentiate your home, call out key selling attributes and create more unique traffic targeted to just your home – not just an MLS listing
  • Being an international company the address will not be as easy to remember for foreign buyers


  • Luxury Home Magazine
  • Alaska Airlines Magazine – RSIR exclusive co-op ad – huge reach to NW travelers
  • PSBJ – “Home of the Day” – RSIR exclusive online position with high-res photo gallery of your home
  • Sea Magazine – RSIR exclusive (goes to boat and Kenmore Air) – “global traveler” personality 


  • Create a dedicated property website with your home name
  • Loaded to (
  • Loaded on Northwest MLS and all property feeder sites (i.e. Trulia, Zillow)
  • Loaded to (
  • Property  fed to over 65 web sites – New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, International Herald Tribune, Hong Kong Tatler, Financial Times, Architectural Digest and many others


  • Blog post on launch week to our social media & our brokerage RSIR’s Blog  
  • Loaded to personal Facebook & RSIR Facebook pages
  • Promoted on launch week as featured property
  • Loaded to Google + / (great exposure!)
  • Submitted to Sotheby’s International Realty for their Social Media and Editorial Opportunities
  • Launch home on WeChat and Weibo to Chinese buyers with assistance of  the Asia Desk


  • Loaded to E-Gallery display and viewed in all 650 SIR offices worldwide along with all Sotheby’s Auction Houses – Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc.
  • Promoted in RSIR offices (Seattle, Kirkland, Bainbridge Island and Issaquah)


  • Custom Sotheby’s Int’l Realty brochure – used for all events, open houses
  • Property specific house book – highlighting features, and legal descriptions 
  • Mail a “Just Listed” custom designed postcard to local neighborhood  with Open House invitation 


  • Custom designed Open House email “Introducing” at launch to local brokers and our spheres
  • Promote in Sea to Sky brokerage monthly newsletter – emailed to over 3,000 local brokers and Sotheby’s International Realty brokers
  • Target key brokers that sold in your area this year


  • Custom property video created for you –bring to life the home, location, views and lifestyle benefits
  • Submit video on SIR YouTube and RSIR YouTube and load on web site and email to brokers 


  • Send to RSIR to promote to SIR corporate as a Featured Property on NYT, WSJ, Bloomberg, PropGOLuxury, Architecture Digest and others


  • Yardarm or Two-post sign at front
  • Flyer box with Sotheby’s Int’l Realty brochures


  • Construct a calendar of events leading to the listing of your home
  • Weekly recap of showings, interest and web site analytics
  • List Hub reports of all online exposure – biweekly reports
  • Client report of broker showings, comments and offers